I know there might be another forum, but I just wanted to see the GAMES ONLY. Here is my list: (will be updated) Coin Dozer Tap Tap 3 Pocket...
We select the best free iPod Touch games for those looking to game on the go without spending a dime.

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games for older ipods | Official Apple Support Communities

We reveal our picks for the best iPod Touch games available now from iTunes so you can get some glorious gaming on your iPod while on the go.. Spaceteam (Free). Here's a genuinely original idea that challenges you and your friends to work together as a team (2-4 players), and not just any old team, ...
Since games that support 3.1.3 are more likely to be older, at the bottom of the listing, go to the LAST available page. You can start from there and.. These were all free, but i wouldn't mind buying apps if they either if they are good and work on the first generation ipod touch. Hope this helps somebody, will ...

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One of the great things about the iPhone is the sheer number of excellent free games available. Why pay for a game, ever?! Check out the following list of our handpicked top 25 free iPhone games. We keep it updated, […]
Coconut GBAtemp Advanced Fan. Member. 722. 247. Mar 28, 2010. Netherlands. Some games: Puzzle quest, Tappix, Flickfishing, Brainchallenge, Chocchocpop. #2 Dec 18, 2010 ...

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Top 10 Apps Compatible on IOS 6.1.6! 2018! - YouTube

This video shows some very cool FREE application's that i've found recently in the AppStore for the iPod.
iPod Touch 4g - iOS 6.1.6 -Jailbreak - Duration: 4:03. XxGamer Boy 936 views · 4:03 · EASY.

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Top 148 Free iPhone and iPod Touch Games | 148Apps

Released: November 10, 2014. Ready to have FUN? Download now the best shooting game for free! Take your sniper, aim and start shooting your enemies. If you like war games or FPS games, you will love Sniper 3D Assassin®: one of the most fun and addicting... [More Details]. Bowmasters - Multiplayer Game · FREE!
1. Eliminate Pro- free 2. Alive 4-ever- $2.99 3. Peggle- $4.99 4. Super KO Boxing 2- paid version is $4.99, there is also a free version 5. Cube Runner- free.. My favorite iPod Touch 4G games: Not the best, but pretty good. 1. Minecraft PE-$7.99 2. (Again) Pocket Gods-$1.99 3. Temple Run 2-Free 4. Dumb ways to die-Free

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30+ Apps For Jailbroken iPhones and iPod Touches

We check out the latest iPod Touch and see how Game Center fares against the competition.. iPod Touch 4G and Game Center Hands-On. Games that have been updated with high-resolution assets look absolutely fantastic, and even older games look great, though the lower-resolution artwork can look ...
There are several ways to organize your photos. Some of you may choose to use an app like?DropBox, some may use iPhoto for Mac, or perhaps just the standard folder system on your computer. There are many ways to organize them after you transfer them to ...

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Games for iPod touch 4g (iOS 6.1.3) - YouTube

Nearly six years since Apple's first iPod touch hit the market, its core mission remains intact: It's an without the phone.
The device is perfect if you don't want the high monthly costs of a cellular voice and data plan, but still want a top notch pocket-size music and good free games for ipod touch 4g machine that has the ability to run over 800,000 third-party apps.
There are now two versions of the iPod touch available.
The older 4th-generation model has been on sale for a while; it's getting on in age, with a slower processor and much weaker camera, but it's still a great deal £169 for 16GB as a do-it-all music player and games machine.
The newer is a bit more expensive £249 for 32GBbut it's a stunner, with a beautifully slim aluminium design, a gorgeous 4in Click at this page screen, and a 5-megapixel camera.
It also comes withwhich sound a lot better than Apple's older bundled earbuds.
Whichever one you get, the iPod touch runs almost all of the apps in the App Store, plays music, videos, games, records high-definition video, and handles web browsing, email, and other Internet-based tasks with aplomb when connected to a Wi-Fi network.
So what are the best apps to get right away?
Here's a round-up of 10 great free programs that we consider must-haves.
In this article, we'll pay particular attention to things an iPod touch owner might be interested in, such as Wi-Fi calling apps, and apps with plenty of offline functionality for those moments when you're nowhere near a wireless hotspot.
A few caveats: The iPod touch is a killer mobile gaming machine, but games cost money.
Most of the best titles aren't exactly free, although many of them are available in no-cost "lite" versions that either offer just good free games for ipod touch 4g few levels of gameplay, or are supported by adverts.
We didn't include games here, but there are tens of thousands of them in Apple's App Store.
Finally, to keep this list as useful as possible, we also left out some completely obvious apps that you probably already have, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Apple's iBooks.
So, without further ado, here's the list of 10 of our good free games for ipod touch 4g free apps for the iPod touch.
Since all iPod touches now have cameras, you could use a good photo editing app.
Adobe Photoshop Express does just about everything you'd want for quick fixes on the go.
It has a clear interface, plenty of possible image adjustments, and some fun photo enhancements.
You can also access integrated online galleries right from the app.
Perhaps the ideal iPod touch app for synchronising your documents and viewing them offline, Dropbox lets you access file versions that are always up to date.
You get 2GB of free online storage, which is plenty for just about any recent set of projects short of music and video editing.
You can also get more space via membership referrals.
View, play, or share any of your files with a single button tap, even if you're nowhere near your desktop or laptop PC.
There are many recipe apps available for iOS, but Epicurious is the only really good one that's also free.
For instant help in the kitchen, it offers access to over 30,000 recipes from such highly good free games for ipod touch 4g sources as Bon Appetit, Self, and Gourmet, and many others.
We have trouble just browsing through this app without immediately wanting to run to the kitchen and try something, as the photos alone are enough to set our stomachs rumbling.
Evernote has built up quite a following thanks to its all-in inclusion of text, audio, photos, and other notes.
Anything you think of or find on the web can be simply "jotted down" by adding it to Evernote.
The app also lets you configure which notebooks are available offline, and these are downloaded right onto your iPod touch.
Once you reconnect to the web, the app will sync any changes you made on the iPod touch back to the online version.
A great organisational app indeed.
It's the camera app that became a phenomenon.
Instagram is a ton of fun, thanks to its online sharing platform and vast array of cool filters for prematurely aging your photos.
You can also make them look like printed Polaroids, or add otherwise interesting and normally difficult to achieve effects.
It's no accident, incidentally, that most of those filters will help disguise the iPod touch's less-than-stellar camera sensor.
You can also share photos just as easily as with the iPhone, and view what other people are snapping pictures of as well.
Amazon continues to improve its popular eBook reading app, and it shines on the iPod touch.
You can download any or all of your Kindle books, buy or download new ones straight from the app with a Wi-Fi connectionand sync your current page, notes, and bookmarks across all apps and devices.
As for buying books, don't forget Amazon lets you download dozens of free classics, and thousands more are available via Project Gutenberg and other online sources.
Let's say you're sitting at home, and a cool song comes on during the TV show you're watching.
Fire up Shazam, hold up your iPod to the TV, and within a few seconds, you'll know exactly what it is, who recorded it, and what album it's on.
The same goes for listening to music in a bar or cafe.
The latest version of Shazam is faster than ever at deciphering each song, and it starts listening the moment the app launches.
The free version even allows for unlimited song tagging now, which makes springing for the that much more unnecessary.
Why pay for landlines and office phones when you can use Skype, which is free?
Skype's iOS app works perfectly on the iPod touch, and lets you make or receive calls whenever you have a Wi-Fi connection, even in the background as you good free games for ipod touch 4g other apps — providing you have either a fourth-generation iPod touch, or a compatible headset and microphone for an earlier model.
You'll need to pay in order to call landlines or mobile phones, but Skype to Skype calls are always free, anywhere in the world.
With a fourth-generation iPod touch or later, you can also send and receive video, or receive video only on a third-generation iPod touch.
TripIt is like your personal travel concierge.
It lets you check flight times, confirmation numbers, and lots of other travel-related information.
The best part is that it saves that information locally.
All you have to do is forward confirmation emails and related data to TripIt, good free games for ipod touch 4g which point the app downloads and stores everything you need for offline access.
Who needs a cellular connection or wireless hotspot at the airport when you can do this?
You'll definitely need a Wi-Fi connection for this one, but Wikipedia's app is one of the most useful things to have in your pocket.
Look up almost anything on the go, and without having to stumble around on a mobile website — fire up the app, key in your search term, and get instant results.
Think about how much less this weighs than that final 32 volume 2010 edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica you were eyeing up!
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